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Draining your central heating system

Owning a central heating system, it is essential that you maintain it regularly for it to last a long time. Consistent upkeep is vital for your central heating systems’s performance, and from time to time, you need to drain it and clean it. We have noted a stop by step guide on all you need

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How to stay warm while working from home

Working from home long term is looking more and more likely, and now with winter here it might start to get expensive if we aren’t careful. So, keep your hands away from the thermostat for now and have a look at PlumbProud’s top tips for keeping warm this “work from home winter” season.   Tip

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a PlumbProud success story – Ipswich

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, PlumbProud has been seeing a high demand for franchise territories due to people experiencing either long-term furlough, redundancies or wanting a change in their career.   The industry we are in has meant PlumbProud is a key choice for people looking to become their own boss. Lots of the enquiries we

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Top 10 traits of a successful franchisee

Think you have what it takes to be a successful franchisee? Take a look at the following 10 traits below and honestly ask yourself if you possess any of them. Of course these traits aren’t the only thing to make you a suitable franchisee, but they will give you a good foundation to start! 1.

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Have you got a Leaking boiler? take a look at why that might be

If you find a leak, you’ll probably need to contact a gas safe registered engineer (lucky for you we have many available here at PlumbProud)   Here are the main reasons for a boiler leak:   Pressure relief valve – if your boiler pressure is too high, the pressure valve will pass water as a

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Benefits of purchasing a new boiler

At PlumbProud , we understand your central heating system is an essential aspect for both you and your home. Whether you’re a home owner or business owner, an efficient boiler is a vital factor. Purchasing a new boiler isn’t something you may consider all too often, but with winter now in full swing, there are

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