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Benefits of purchasing a new boiler

At PlumbProud , we understand your central heating system is an essential aspect for both you and your home. Whether you’re a home owner or business owner, an efficient boiler is a vital factor. Purchasing a new boiler isn’t something you may consider all too often, but with winter now in full swing, there are many aspects in which you can benefit from with a newer, more efficient heating system. Like people, all heating systems age and start to operate less efficiently than they used to. With a new boiler installation starting from as little as COST, including a 10-year warranty, upgrading your old heating system is a no brainer. Are you already thinking of upgrading your boiler? Here at PlumbProud we have outlined a list of advantages in which you will benefit from by purchasing a new boiler today!


As well as offering high performance levels of heating and hot water, todays new modern boilers are now suited to your lifestyle and convenience. Most new central heating systems now integrate the latest technology and compatibility with smart controls such as Nest. This allows you to control your home’s heating and hot water in the palm of your hand, whether you’re at home or the go, anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, most smart controls are not compatible with older central heating models. By upgrading to a newer and smarter boiler you will be able to take full control of your central heating and manage your energy usage and bills.


Did you know you could save up to £315* a year on your heating and hot water bills? By upgrading your old system to a newer, more efficient model, you will benefit from an A-rated energy efficient boiler. This means you will consume less energy which will reduce the cost of your heating and hot water bills. Older central heating systems will naturally work inefficiently compared to todays new A-rated boilers, so it may be in your best interest to upgrade today.


Like almost any product, the newer it is, the more reliable it should be. This also applies to new central heating systems. Most boilers are now supplied with up to 10-year manufacturers guarantee, so you can be assured your boiler will last you years to come. 

Thinking of purchasing a new boiler? A new boiler installation from PlumbProud costs from little as COST. With finance options also available, you can spread the cost over TIME. To find out more about our finance plans ‘insert link’ or to get a free quote ‘insert link’ 

*Source: The Energy Saving Trust

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