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Draining your central heating system

Owning a central heating system, it is essential that you maintain it regularly for it to last a long time. Consistent upkeep is vital for your central heating systems’s performance, and from time to time, you need to drain it and clean it. We have noted a stop by step guide on all you need

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Have you got a Leaking boiler? take a look at why that might be

If you find a leak, you’ll probably need to contact a gas safe registered engineer (lucky for you we have many available here at PlumbProud)   Here are the main reasons for a boiler leak:   Pressure relief valve – if your boiler pressure is too high, the pressure valve will pass water as a

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Benefits of purchasing a new boiler

At PlumbProud , we understand your central heating system is an essential aspect for both you and your home. Whether you’re a home owner or business owner, an efficient boiler is a vital factor. Purchasing a new boiler isn’t something you may consider all too often, but with winter now in full swing, there are

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