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Have you got a Leaking boiler? take a look at why that might be

If you find a leak, you’ll probably need to contact a gas safe registered engineer (lucky for you we have many available here at PlumbProud)


Here are the main reasons for a boiler leak:


  • Pressure relief valve – if your boiler pressure is too high, the pressure valve will pass water as a safety precaution.Temperature pressure relief valve – some boilers/systems have this type of valve. It works in a similar way to a pressure relief valve. If the temperature is too high or there’s a fault with the temperature valve it will pass water.
  • Corrosion – your boiler tank and pipes can corrode over time. Single parts can be replaced, but if the damage is widespread you may need to install a new boiler or have your pipework upgraded.
  • Badly installed pipework – if you’ve had a new boiler fitted, a leaking pipe could be a sign it isn’t installed properly. Get in touch with your a PlumbProud boiler fitter to investigate.
  • Leaking pump – a leaking boiler pump may need to be replaced or resealed.

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