We have over 10 years combined experience servicing, repairing and installing solar thermal systems. A maintained solar system can save you hundreds of pounds each year and reduce your carbon footprint. However, just one fault with the system can drastically reduce the benefits. An annual service is recommended to ensure the system is working as it should, which we at PlumbProud can carry out for you.

As part of a service we will:

  • Show you how the system works and how to get the most out of it.
  • Ensure your system’s flow rate is correct.
  • Ensure your system’s pump is working correctly.
  • Ensure there isn’t air in your system.
  • Refill the system if the pressure is low*.
  • Ensure the system’s wiring and temperature sensors are working properly.
  • Ensure your system’s controller is installed correctly.
  • Ensure your system’s expansion vessel is at the correct pressure.

*Refills will be charged at an additional £58.00 if required but we will first seek your permission Any other parts required are chargeable.

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